About Us

J-Spec is the abbreviation for “Japan-Specification”, a unique phrase created by our team;
it is the name of our new restaurant bringing Japanese-standard quality wagyu beef at an affordable price point.

Wagyu from different parts of Japan are offered, rotating on a seasonal basis, including popular brands like Ozaki Beef from Miyazaki Prefecture, and Hida Wagyu from Gifu Prefecture. All wagyu at J-Spec are A5 rank and BMS 10 or higher. (Beef Marbling Value).

Menu highlights include Wagyu Fillet Katsu, Wagyu Tataki, Wagyu Handrolls and Wagyu Striploin Steak.

Wagyu has a distinct texture and flavor profile compared to American beef; the rich fat gives a “melts in your mouth” sensation.

Although many international markets recognize the quality and value of these meats, the high price point has been an obstacle, keeping the meat out of reach of most consumers.

After working in different Japanese restaurants throughout New York City, we are thrilled to now be able to serve the cuts we are so proud of to our guests at this restaurant.

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