Esora                           Omakase

Wagyu X Tempura

The Esora Omakase experience with Chef Endo showcases our unique concept focused on the finest cuts of wagyu, tempura and seasonal ingredients. Often associated with sushi, omakase means “I’ll leave it up to you” and is a format that allows the chef to present the best ingredients in a multi-course menu.

As wagyu purveyors, we have access to the highest quality Japanese beef and offer an opportunity to discover wagyu’s exquisite flavors and preparations. Tempura is an art form in itself and Chef Endo, who has worked at a Michelin-starred restaurant showcasing tempura, delivers a premier way to enjoy the ultimate tempura. His approach is simple yet focused, the best way to bring out the true flavors of ingredients.

We take reservations at least one day in advance in order to prepare the finest selection of the day.
For this reason, we cannot accommodate walk-ins at the Omakase Counter.
Please arrive on time for your dinner as we cannot guarantee all courses can be served if you arrive late.

* Due to the nature of the omakase experience, unfortunately we cannot offer any substitutions
nor can we accomodate gluten free, vegetarian or vegan preferences

Wagyu & Tempura Omakase

  • Sakizuke 先付け
    Trio of Appetizers
  • Sashimi 刺身
    Sashimi of the Day
  • Wagyu Sushi 和牛寿司
  • Tempura 特選天婦羅
    Chef’s Special Selection
    Seafood from Japan
    Seaonal Vegetables
    Wagyu Tempura
  • Dobin Mushi 土瓶蒸し
    Seafood Soup steamed in a small teapot
  • Wagyu Steak 和牛ステーキ
    Chef's Selection
    A5 Ozaki Beef “Striploin” + $25
  • Shokuji 食事
    Rice of the Day
  • Dessert デザート
  • Sake Pairing
    + $85

Menu item(s) may change without notice. No substitutions are possible.
*Consuming raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.